Excellent Choice of Practitioner

Tina Berry is an excellent choice of practitioner. I have found her supportive, honest, warm and kind and these qualities shine through in her style. Tina opened our session professionally and kindly coaxed out the details she needed to get down to work. I felt safe as we tapped, even though I was holding a good deal of shame around my issue. Tina showed skill, as she zeroed down and got to the core, which is where I needed to go in order to change. What I particularly liked was the focus placed on the good stuff, long moments where I felt deeply at peace. In the weeks following our session, I noticed a gradual reversal of my original feelings. A bad experience had caused me to withdraw in one area of my life and I was hoping to rebuild my confidence. I can now happily say I feel comfortable in that area and have been expanding again. Tina has been instrumental in that reversal and I feel fortunate to have worked with her. She is a great choice of therapist.

Sonya W (London)

Tina skilfully helped me make the changes that I wanted to achieve

My FasterEFT sessions with Tina have been wonderful and have really helped me let go of some old, unhelpful believes & patterns from past experiences. From the outset Tina established a good rapport with me, she is very approachable, warm & friendly. I felt safe, heard and well supported as she unearthed the issues that I needed to work on. By using her wide knowledge of very effective tools and techniques Tina skilfully helped me make the changes that I wanted to achieve. Tina is a very professional practitioner and I would happily recommend her to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives.

Julia (Worchestershire)

I’m looking forward to building on our work together

I just wanted to write and thank you for a brilliant FasterEFT session last week. I really enjoyed the session and I felt so comfortable with you it really did allow me to release some stuff. Since working with you I’ve noticed a difference in things at work – I appear to be much more in the moment and I think that work trance is broken at last – thanks so much. I’m looking forward to building on our work together and gaining more and more peace and enjoyment at work.

Cath (North West)

I’m feeling so much better

Hi Tina, thank you so much for the recent FEFT sessions you have given me. I’m feeling so much better, stronger and a lot calmer in dealing with situations. Thank you for all your support and also for being there at such short notice for a close relative. I love the way you work and will continue to recommend you for sure. Bless you X

Mary (London)

Tina has helped me on many occasions to overcome anxiety and fear

Tina has helped me on many occasions to overcome anxiety/fear. We have worked on many issues including my dread of upcoming events e.g. public speaking, long distance drive on my own, going to the dentist for an extraction after a previous traumatic painful experience and going for medical procedures, all which caused me anxiety. She has also helped me with grief and loss, self worth and confidence building. I don’t find it easy to talk to others about my personal life/problems but Tina builds a good rapport and creates a safe space of trust in which to work. She is professional, non-judgmental and skilled at what she does.

Gail (Northumberland)